Thursday, October 4, 2012

Breast Implants for Trans Girls

While I understand the mainstream thinking that implants are a cosmetic entitlement, the reality is that people use their insurance for all sorts of "cosmetic" procedures because they are deemed to be required for the patients mental well-being. Why shouldn't it be the same for trans girls?  

For a trans employee, they will feel better and thus perform better on the job.  It makes sense for employers to support insurance covered procedures for their employees, not only because it shows some compassion,but also because it will bolster THEIR bottom line with better productivity.  

In a mid-September article it noted that a German federal court has ruled that Male-to-female transsexuals have a legal right to breast enlargement operations when hormone therapy fails to give them a feminine shape.

A transsexual may receive implants if her new breasts have not yet reached the size of a bra's A-cup.
“Transsexual insurance policy-holders can make a claim to treatment measures to allow them to adapt their gender, including surgical procedures on healthy organs to minimize their psychological suffering, so as to approach the appearance of the other sex that is desired,” the court said.


  1. You have a point. If we want equality for everyone all, then anyone should be allowed to have whatever procedure they want as long as they are eligible for it and they have the means to do it.

    - Terry Bayer -

  2. Very well said, Brianna! If cosmetic surgery is what it takes for an employee to be better at his/her job, then so be it. Everyone has the right to their own happiness. As long as they go to a licensed surgeon and get the best result, then no one should hinder this person from undergoing a procedure.

    Geoffrey Lelia