Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why Is America Lagging Behind?

In what is supposed to be the open, liberal, pursue your dreams country, transgender people still struggle to find their way to not a great life and career, but just a basic life and career. Ten years ago my friend killed herself because of the negative view of trans-people and she couldn't live with it; another friend has stabilized with a great paying job, but for years lived in fear of being found out as a transsexual.  Yet, in other countries. 

There have been GREAT strides in America, with anti-discrimination laws finally coming into place. Yet in countries in southeast Asia, they are going further to recognize a marginalized community and providing job training. In a recent article it noted that the Bangladeshi government has enacted a program to help marginalized transgenders find a place in the work force. The program, which equips them with technical skills such as video editing, is helping normalize the transgendered population in the country.

Its time in America to do the same.  It is great that laws are starting to protect people's rights to hold jobs, but training is needed for those without skills -- which includes the  kids whose families abandon them to prostitution -- , but also those workers who as men held jobs that they can't perform as women.  

Let's go America, get with the program!

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