Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fashion Trends

August 30th was Couture Week in Dehli, with fashions that might inspire you; not to copy, but with ideas to incorporate with and blend into your own style. 
If art is best inspired, not imitated, then you should be aware of fashion trends, but only to see how they are using color, fabric, and the combination thereof.  Then blend that with your own sense of style to come up with something uniquely you.  

I'm sitting in the cafe having a coffee and reading my daily paper the  -- Times of India.  In the Bangalore Times section I came across the new autumn Winter 2012 Collection by Reliance Trends.  And while researching that, got online and came across the Couture Week fashion show that recently occurred in Dehli.

Reliance has done well infusing Indian culture with contemporary trends.  Note that here, Autumn-Winter isn't really much different than Spring-Summer here in Bangalore India, except that the Monsoon season will have passed.

The collection is strong in greens, purple, turquoise, with black used as accent colors. From Turkish baggy pants in vibrant color mixes with high-waist-ed cumberbuns, simple tank tops and appropriate Indian jewelry, the look is fun and flirty.

Turkish Pants


They also present contemporary offerings on the traditional Indian Saree, and Kurta above (fancy embroidered tunic tops).

For early fall, be creative this year, and look beyond the local fashion influences to expand your fashion identity.  Fashion should be fun, representative of how you feel.  So experiment, push your comfort zone, and explore fashions from around the world to influence you.  

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