Friday, October 5, 2012

Rick and Tommy are NEXT

I've been a long-time fan of both Rick Skye and Tommy Femia; I reviewed Rick's impersonation of Liza Minnelli in his show A Slice of Minnelli for GIRL TALK MAGAZINE years ago, and reviewed Tommy as Judy Garland with Steve Brimberg (as Streisand) in Judy and Barbra. And now ...

Last year Tommy and Rick came together with an act called Judy and Liza Together Again, for which they won the MACC Award for best duo. TGreporter had reviewed that show not once, but twice after it  was extended at Don't Tell Mama in NYC for the second time.

Both are multiple individual winners of both the MACC and Bistro Awards, and in addition, Rick also won Best Performance Award at the Dublin Theater Festival.   

The two were just featured in NEXT Magazine, and now they have a whole new show entitled Judy and Liz Live! Ok, well, the titled are not so original, but they're performances are terrific; I promise you won't be disappointed.  Check out their schedule HERE

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