Monday, October 8, 2012

TranSquat; Yes, Just What It Sounds Like

After so long down, the trans-community has been turning out some media stars across industries and disciplines.  Now a transgender programmer has come up with an iPhone App to tell you where its safe to pee ... or, well, you know.

Transgender programmer Billy Bolt has created TranSquat, a new iPhone app that uses geo-location services (GPS) along with the Safe2Pee directory to point users to gender-neutral bathrooms. So far, the app can locate 4,000 loos in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain, though that number’s growing as users add and share restrooms as they go.

On the Death & Taxes blog Carmel Lobello quotes Bolt saying “Sometimes finding a safe, discreet and comfortable restroom can be a challenge or safety issue, depending on where one is in their own transition or geographic location. [TranSquat] users can help build it by downloading it and sharing safe locations from their own communities. In that sense, a user can… build a network of safe locations no matter where in the world they reside.”

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