Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another Transgender First

Should "type" and  "appropriate" even be in the dialogue when it comes to personal presentation?

We'll have to keep an eye on this story and see how it plays out.  The first transgender teacher in her country, all eyes will be on Melisa this year as the weeks and months unfold. 

The July winter vacation was coming to a close and José’s decision was maturing: he would simply tear down what remained of the “closet” he'd slowly been coming out of. So on July 30, José arrived at the elementary school that he works at in Buenos Aires as "Melisa," and became the city's first ever transgender teacher.

Weeks earlier he had met with school administrators to inform them of his decision: “I have an obligation to be coherent with my deepest sentiments that are leading me to take this step in my life, a life that will never be lived to the fullest if I don’t show the essence of my own being. And my being is profoundly feminine.”
- story source, WorldCrunch/The Clarin

Transgender teachers are a sticky subject, because you're dealing with kids.  On the one hand, even the more ardent advocate would shrink away from a large, non-passable trans women in a classroom of 5th graders.

On the flip side, perhaps its time to completely shatter the concept of "type' and "appropriate" so that kids grow up knowing its OK to just be as they are and that they don't ahve to fit any mold: they are perceived by the world based on their character and actions.

Ahh, one can only hope and dream!

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