Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lana Wachowski Wins Visibility Award

The world is changing so fast its hard to keep up. I had previously written about "What a Difference A Decade Makes," and what I point out in that is now old news.  With a line of successful professionals continually coming out, the transgender ceiling has been raised yet again.

The models Isis King, Lea T and Andrej Pevjic have gotten attention in the press, and there have been those that come to the national spotlight from obscurity, like some of those I listed in that former article.  But when the likes of  Tom Gabel the rocker of of Against Me, comes out, as does the 'Matrix' producer in mid-career, things are a changing.  

In her acceptance speech  Lana provides insight to  her gender struggle, attempted suicide and other personal feelings.  

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