Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sport in Transition

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) today released a report entitled, “Sport in Transition: Making Sport in Canada More Responsible for Gender Inclusivity.” Are they correct?

The document concludes that, because variations in sex development exist, individuals should have the right to compete without question in the gender they feel they are or have always identified with, and emphasizes that this right to gender self-identification carries both the privilege of inclusion and the responsibility for fair play. Without presuming to have all the answers, the CCES released this report to stimulate discussion far and wide throughout sport.

As you all know I'm a solid advocate for transgender rights, but I'm not sure that political correctness hasn't gone too far in this case.  

While I absolutely support a post-op transsexual's right to compete in sport in their reassigned gender, lending that support to those that "feel they are or have always identified with" doesn't strike me as fair play at all. 

"Feeling" you're the opposite gender and living it are two different things.  We're talking about sport, about competition, and male-born bodies having -- in most cases -- a different set of characteristics than their female counter-parts.  

I think if you want to compete as an athlete in the gender "you feel you are," then you have to go the extra mile and become that gender.  

Waht do you think? Leave a comment below, and also read the study HERE

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