Monday, October 8, 2012

Department considers allowing 'sex changes' without requiring surgery

In what seems like a fast-following of U.S. and European policy, Taiwan says the possibility of loosening regulations defining transsexual people is being considered after the Presidential Office’s Human Rights Consultation Committee said a panel of experts would be invited to discuss the feasibility of such a move, the Department of Health said.

This is an old argument that goes back and forth with each side firm in their beliefs.  What is the big deal?  Do people fight this stuff because they really believe it is going to somehow devalue their day-to-day lives, or are they just so entrenched into an opinion they've had?

People don't often form opinions; they have them and then trench in to defend them without even knowing why.  

Hopefully Taiwan will get on board with identity equality and the world will follow. 

Article in the Taipei Times

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