Friday, August 17, 2012

Two beginnings of Trans Experience

In an article where the author looks at the origins of transsexualism from both a political and medical point of view, she notes in closing that "I see no difficulty in the concept of blending the medical treatment schemas for transsexual individuals and antidiscrimination and equality goals of transgender community activism into trans identity. But that said, not every person of transsexual history would agree with me – some see these two points of origin as being so separate as to be in conflict with the other point of view. It’s in this view of inherent conflict one can find the lack of solidarity in what it means to be trans, or of trans history."

While I would agree with her that there should not be a conflict, there is, and many transwomen I've known had a huge problem with living as out transwomen.  To them they were trans while in the wrong body, but post surgery were no longer trans -- they were now just women.  

Yet in an interview I did some years ago with the Vogue model Lauren Foster, she noted that "I think that being TS shouldn’t be one’s defining statement, it should just be part of our life’s journey, our experience.," but she also later in the interview talked about owning her past, because without it, then she had no past.  

So in my view, in this day and age, one should come out as trans: when you are open and honest there is less to remember later.   

What do you think?

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