Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some Girls Just Want To Have Fun ... and be Pretty


Trans performers have been around for as long as we research back in time, or so it seems.  The 50s however were a huge leap forward with the use of hormones and gender reassignment surgeries being used for the transsexuals, like Coccinelle, Christine Jorgensen, April Ashley, and later Bibi Anderson, , Harisu and others.  France, the USA, Germany, and Spain all had their famous girls.  Thailand too has some of the most beautiful Lady Boys on the planet.

Thailand is the home of the Miss International Queen pageant, which rivals any mainstream pageant in the world, gaining it international acclaim, big name sponsors, and media coverage.


When Mimi Marks became the first non-Asian to win the pageant (in 2005), she told me in an interview that "It's a big deal.  It is sponsored by major mainstream companies like Coca-Cola and is the oriental equivalent of Miss U.S.A.

Check out the Miss International Queen finals 2011

The Miss International Queen is hosted at Tiffany Show Palace in Thailand.

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