Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kids Get To meet First Transgender Teacher

It just goes to show that the world is changing, and when it comes to transgender rights, its not always the 1st world countries leading the way. 

The July winter vacation was coming to a close and José’s decision was maturing: he would simply tear down what remained of the “closet” he'd slowly been coming out of. So on July 30, José arrived at the elementary school that he works at in Buenos Aires as "Melisa," and became the city's first ever transgender teacher.

Weeks earlier he had met with school administrators to inform them of his decision: “I have an obligation to be coherent with my deepest sentiments that are leading me to take this step in my life, a life that will never be lived to the fullest if I don’t show the essence of my own being. And my being is profoundly feminine.”

Why now? Melisa feels that it is time to be herself in the workplace. Also, on May 9, the Senate passed a law on gender identity that allows individuals to adapt their national ID documents and birth certificates based on a gender choice.

Melisa has been a teacher for the past 22 years, specializing in optional chess workshops. [Watch footage and interview of Melisa here] She teaches 12 different classes in different public schools around the city, with students from second to fifth grade.

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