Friday, August 17, 2012

Kids Know Who They Are

I've said many times that kids are the best equipped to know who they are, long before society has the opportunity to whip them into the shape they expect of them.  And yesterday's story goes a long way to supporting that statement.

The mother of a transgender kid went through all the meetings with doctors, psychiatrists, searched the web, and ultimately came to understand -- at least in theory -- what her child was expressing.  At the close of the article she states:

 "I think parents of trans kids are the best parents ever. They unconditionally love their children, even when they don’t completely understand what their child is going through. So, my advice to other parents is really just to love their child, no matter what, and to stay strong. This is not about you or your religion and beliefs; it’s about your child. And get a great therapist, and an even better lawyer. Never let anyone question you. If your child is happy and a nice person, then you are doing the right thing."

Well said!


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