Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Transgender Books, a Plus or Minus?

There is a new book, a collection of stories about transgender people that share a geographic connection.  Does their experiences and stories reflect truth about you?

Is every transgender story  a good, in the sense that it simply one more color of our collective experiences?  I can remember getting into a debate with a member of a forum I used to moderate. I had always thought that while some of us might have more intuitiveness as to the degree of another persons transgenderedness, that none of us really know for sure what goes on inside the mind, heart and spirit of another. 

She on the other hand felt that she had enough insight to unequivocally determine is one was a HBS (Harry Benjamin Syndrome) woman, a cross dresser or gender imposter. Moreover, she felt that many subgroups of the transgender community talked and behaved in a way that misrepresented her.

Does a transgender story that follows an experience different than your own provide a false understanding of you to the mainstream? Does it matter? 

According to the Concord Monitor, based on the press release info they've received, "We Are New Hampshire: Transgender Lives in the Granite State is a collection of 10 stories about transgender people and their families. Published by Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders and TransGender New Hampshire, the book was created as a resource and educational tool.

"This book will go a long way toward educating Granite Staters about the joys and hardships their transgender neighbors and co-workers experience so we can make New Hampshire a more welcoming place for all of its residents," Mason Dunn, one of the book's subjects, said in a release.

For those of you based in other parts of the country (and world), are you happy that this book is published, or concerned about the content it provides?

Download a free copy here

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