Saturday, August 25, 2012

Making A List, For All The Girly Bois

It’s not even Labor Day but the toy industry is already laying the groundwork for a brisk holiday season. And this year, it’s making a play for all the little gay boys and girls—well, mostly boys—with some pretty queertastic dolls. Just invite Magic Earring Ken over and you’ll be ready to kiki in the Dream House!

Manila Luzon Doll
This mini-Luzon (actually a pimped-out Barbie) sports an adorable pineapple dress with Swarovski crystals, metallic sequins, an emerald mermaid flounce—and a hefty $700 price tag. We hear the limited edition Imelda Marcos version comes with 40 pairs of shoes.

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  1. Honestly, I've never played with dolls a lot, though I am actually thinking about the idea. I love stuffed animals, especially the cuddly teddy bears and bunny rabbits. Getting back to dolls, I have purchased several collectable dolls, mostly Barbies, for investment purposes.......and for what I paid for them, I don't even take them out of the box.