Friday, September 14, 2012

Does Trans Relate to Trans?

Generally speaking, though I have lots of gay friends -- and love them all -- they have never really understood me, often asking why I wanted to be someone else; my friend Lauren Foster -- the stunning Vogue model whom I interviewed some years back -- was revered by the gay community, though she too claims they never understood why being born male she wanted to be a woman.

In the past five years there has been an explosion of voices coming from the transgender community, and more than a few TV and cable channels willing to exploit their stories for ratings. But, as I've said before, sensationalism can be a benefit to us.

Meanwhile, a new voice I have recently come across is a young transman named Oliver, and as I read his work, I hear him say many things that I -- as a transwoman -- said while on my own gender exploration.

I met my first female-to-male transsexuals when I was reporting on the First Event convention in Massachusetts, and it was based on that that I wrote the essay Boxes.

Take a read of Oliver column in Cornucopia's independent magazine The Link, ans see if what he has to say resonates for you.

My high school experience was different than Oliver's, as it wasn't hell for me.  I was quite athletic, played on the football team, pole vaulted on the track team, and fit in -- from the outside looking in.What was the same was that feeling of being displaced, and it was that that kept me at arms length from my teammates.  I could imitate a guy well, but didn't think like one. In the locker room(s) with my football teammates, I'd laugh along with their jokes, but rarely got what they all thought was so funny: it didn't resonate with me.  

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