Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dana International

She shocked the world when she was chosen to represent her country (of Israel) at EuroVision.  She not only won, but did her encore in a fabulous Bob Mackie!

Dana was born Yaron Cohen in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1972.  He was fascinated with the stage from an early age, and particularly the Eurovision Music Contest, which though not well known about in the United States, is a huge event.
He began as a drag performer throughout the gay club circuit; his sound found an audience and a career was born. In 1993 Yaron secretly flew to London and returned as Sharon Cohen.
She released her first album that year, which went gold. In her first attempt to win the spot to represent  Israeli in the Eurovison, she cam in second, and friends told her that a transsexual could never be  chosen.
Dana at EuroVision
Several albums later she attempted again and in 1998 won the spot. Moreover, she represented Israel with style and pride, and brought home the coveted first prize.
The Orthodox Jews were so upset that they wanted Israel to forgo their right to host the next event, rather than show any appreciation to Dana, as she was now called.
If you like dance music, Dana is terrific. In 2011 she will again represent Israel. You can buy her music here.

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