Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How To Spot 6 Lies

In Paris Lees notebook she notes that "As Julia Serano notes in the eminently sensible Whipping Girl, traditional media have set stories to tell." It’s true, she says, "I was due to appear on morning TV last month but was dropped after I declined to share “before” photos. Must I be reduced to shock, surgery and before-and-after shots? Trans people won various legal rights in 2004, including the right to marry, but, unlike the gay marriage debate, this received scant press. That same year the tabloids were saturated with “jokes” about Big Brother contestant Nadia Almada. There is public appetite for stories about trans people after all: point-and-stare ones."

According to Paris there are six lies that journalists use that can be easily spotted.  Read her blop here to read them.

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