Monday, June 18, 2012

Truth Is The Best Spokesperson of the Trans Community

Most transgender stories in the headlines are sensationalized, because transgender, and the lack of insight about them by the mainstream still sees them as taboo -- a circus sideshow act.

Like I previously asked, where would we be without sensationalism?  The Jenna Talackova story stormed the world news headlines because a transgirl challenged the Miss Universe machine, and won!

The story however was just a catalyst; the benefit was that Jenna was intelligent, well-spoken, and likable, and able to show the world that transpeople are people, and that served the community well.  

In the most recent hot story is about a well-known person who came out as transgender.  When Tom Gabel -- the lead singer of Against Me! -- announced that he would transition to Lauren Jane Grace, it rocked the Rock world; and she has been doing interviews about it since. And she has now done a very open and explanatory interview stating that “Saying to someone, ‘I’m a transsexual' is the most empowering thing I’ve ever felt in my whole life,” she told MTV News during the interview, several clips of which premiered on the Spin web site.

So many transpeople have been interviewed in the mainstream in the past few years, and they all -- Isis King, Lea T., Candis Cayne, Gina Duncan, Andrej Pejic, and many others -- serve us best with their non-apologetic sense of self and honesty.  

As they explain their individual experiences, that ultimately becomes the story, even if that was not the publications and/or media outlet's intended.  

They give us a face; they show the mainstream that they are just people, with hopes, desires and abilities, striving for the same American Dream.  And that's a good thing!  

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