Friday, June 8, 2012


Born Jacques Charles Dufresnoy in 1931 (Paris France), he went on to reinvent himself as Coccinelle (means Ladybird in French) as a female impersonator appearing at the famous Travesti club Madam Arthurs, but ...

Unfulfilled in simply dressing as a woman, Coccinelle under went sex reassignment surgery in the 1950s but wasn't granted legal status as a woman until 1961. 

She may still be the most famous transsexual from France to date. 

She recorded Love Me Or Leave Me in 1959, and appeared in six films from 1959 - 1968. 

In her free time she loved to cook for her and her husband Francis, or host dinner parties for famous friends from the US or the French theater. 

She was at the very least a sex-kitten.  

View her photo gallery here

View a clip of her on film here

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