Friday, June 8, 2012

Talackova Presence Still Felt

Even after Jenna Talackova competed, finished top 12, but was then out of the Miss Universe Canada competition, her presence ripples on.  

In an article about the latest controversy surrounding the Miss Universe competition [that vaulted transgender rights on the international stage recently] by Associated Press reporter Randy Penell stated that Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena "Monnin gave up her crown Monday, claiming in a Facebook post that the pageant had been rigged, with the top five finishers selected before the show was broadcast Sunday night from Las Vegas. Pageant organizers immediately denied Monnin's allegation and claimed she had actually stepped down because she disagreed with the pageant's decision to allow transgender contestants."  

Do you think Miss Pennsylvania gave up her crown to protest Jenna Talackova being allowed to compete --- after Jenna was already knocked out?  Seems that if she was going to protest, it would have been during the grappling over whether Jenna would be allowed to compete or not.  

But at the very least, Trump and company have yet another controversy to keep them in the news -- although this story -- if its true about the show being rigged -- would do far more damage than whether or not to allow a transgender women to compete.  

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