Friday, June 8, 2012

Lauren Foster - Vogue Model of the 80s

Lauren Foster grew up in Durban, South Africa and transitioned in her teens culminating with SRS at the age of 18. When asked she said that at 5 years old wanted to be an actress, then at 10 a  dancer. By the time she was  21-years old she was in Paris modeling for fashion designer Yves St. Laurent. 

While most TS women would have been content to assimilate into society, Lauren strutted into adulthood in the spotlight and never looked back. She enjoyed an 11-year international modeling career on the runway and in print, then went on to become the "it" girl, known as the notorious blond on the international party circuit as a party promoter. 

She was a member of the jet set; dated royalty and ran with the ricjh and famous. I interviewed Lauren and she is too cool for words -- so I added photos!

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