Sunday, May 24, 2020

7 Transgender Musicians Shaking Up the Industry

Since 2000 I had gone out in search of new artists to bring awareness to. Those had included Venus, Lisa Jackson, Kim Petras and many others. Here is the new hot list.

Kim Petra still makes the cut as she has been making waves for years, with no sign of slowing down. She was the youngest Brit to every undergo GRS, and dreamed then of being a pop start. She is well on her way. You can hear several of her cuts here, as well as many others. Kim is a pop-centric singer through and through, with catchy melodies wrapped in bubble gum and sung -- at times -- with a powerful full voice.

SOFHIE was the covergirl and Artist Of The Year in OUT Magazine. But long before she began singing she has been a force in the music industry. The Scottish artist delves into a lot of experimental music. So if you like electronica and experimental music, maybe she is for you.

Teddy Geiger made her career as a songwriter for some of the biggest pop stars, such as One Direction, and James Blunt. She spoke with CBS This Morning -- about her career, her transness, and her GRAMMY nomination. Hear LilyAnna here. Or more here

Skyler Kergil began as a YouTube personalityafter a female to male transition.

Shea Diamond has swagger, soul, and grit in her singing, and her vocal chops are authentic.

You don't getting by fronting or posing: it has to be lived, and it was.

She had a rough upbringing, resorting to robbery to get money for GRS; she then got caught and had to develop her craft while in prison.

In Keisha Completion she infuses some rock, and its hot.

 She can go easy too, as she does in I'd Love To Change The World (from When We Rise). I dig this girl, for sure!

In an interview with Variety, she cuts right to the bone of a transgender life --
"To be a 40-year-old woman, a trans woman, to make it to that age it's not really heard of. We get killed off before we're 25," she told Variety. "The only type of entertainment you want from us — no shade — is Jerry Springer. People don't want to see the struggle of what it takes for a trans woman to survive. It's more comfortable for people — for everybody now — for entertainment purposes to see a drag queen. That's a person who can take it off. The trans experience is a person who isn't doing it for entertainment purposes. Everything this person does is for survival. What does survival look like? It looks like [me].
Lucas Silveira,  of the cliks is the first female to male singer to sign with a major label. He has a sweet and passionate style , as heard in DREAM LOVER. And his band in 2004 was featured in The L Word. Even when he covers Feeling Good, he gives it his own voice, revealing some grit.

In an interview with HuffPost, he says:

“It can be as inspiring as it is heartbreaking… but there’s something about the artistic energy there that makes me write like crazy,” Silveira, who lived in Bushwick and Williamsburg over the course of a year-long stint in New York, says of the borough. “As much as people say that people who live there are pretentious, I just found that they’re really on top of what’s happening. They’re a few steps ahead of everybody.”

Lucas Silveira,  of the cliks is the first female to male singer to sign with a major label. He has a sweet and passionate style , as heard in DREAM LOVER. And his band in 2004

Ah-Mer-Ah-Su is another male to female singer with a fusion of pop and unusual beats. She shared her story with Billboard Magazine for the release of STAR, and in that interview she notes that --
The album showcases Ah-Mer-Ah-Su’s imagination, audaciousness, and her personal journey to self-acceptance. She uses the album title, STAR, as a metaphor. It does not refer to her rising popularity or musical success, but as an indicator of her experience as a black, transgender woman navigating life as a musician. Stars always burn brightly in the sky, even when the sky is covered with clouds, as she alludes to on her song “Powerful.” Ah-Mer-Ah-Su is the star, and no matter how many clouds get in her way, she’s going to keep burning brightly.
Also check out my blog about Lisa Jackson, Venues and others here, and take a listen to those that were some of the pioneers like  Veronica Klause singing jazz, or Conchita Wurst singing THAT'S WHAT I AM  -- what a voice! and Dana singing DIVA

Check back next week when I spotlight 12 Trans Models, Until then, be safe, be happy, and always think pretty!

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