Monday, June 18, 2012

They Said It Could Never Happen

I'm old enough to recall when the word transgender wasn't even in the common vernacular, and the idea of transgender people living out and proud was an absurd concept.  And yet ...

Truth Is The Best Spokesperson of the Trans Community

Most transgender stories in the headlines are sensationalized, because transgender, and the lack of insight about them by the mainstream still sees them as taboo -- a circus sideshow act.

Does It Matter Where Donations Come From?

The transgender community can certainly use charitable donations, yet what if those funds come from a source that most full-time transpeople would rather not be associated with?

Friday, June 8, 2012


Born Jacques Charles Dufresnoy in 1931 (Paris France), he went on to reinvent himself as Coccinelle (means Ladybird in French) as a female impersonator appearing at the famous Travesti club Madam Arthurs, but ...

Eva Robbins

Roberto Maurizio Coatti was born in Bologna. He was intersexed, but looked like a normal boy, until he stated to  developed as a woman after puberty. She took her name from Eva Kent in the Diabolik comics, and Harold Robbins, and thought it to be more cute with an apostrophe. 

Talackova Presence Still Felt

Even after Jenna Talackova competed, finished top 12, but was then out of the Miss Universe Canada competition, her presence ripples on.  

Lauren Foster - Vogue Model of the 80s

Lauren Foster grew up in Durban, South Africa and transitioned in her teens culminating with SRS at the age of 18. When asked she said that at 5 years old wanted to be an actress, then at 10 a  dancer. By the time she was  21-years old she was in Paris modeling for fashion designer Yves St. Laurent. 

Dana International

Dana was born Yaron Cohen in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1972.  He was fascinated with the stage from an early age, and particularly the Eurovision Music Contest, which though not well known about in the United States, is a huge event.  
He began as a drag performer throughout the gay club circuit; his sound found an audience and a career was born. In 1993 Yaron secretly flew to London and returned as Sharon Cohen. 
She released her first album that year, which went gold. In her first attempt to win the spot to represent  Israeli in the Eurovison, she cam in second, and friends told her that a transsexual could never be  chosen.  
Several albums later she attempted again and in 1998 won the spot. Moreover, she represented Israel with style and pride, and brought home the coveted first prize.  
The Orthodox Jews were so upset that they wanted Israel to forgo their right to host the next event, rather than show any appreciation to Dana, as she was now called. 
If you like dance music, Dana is terrific. In 2011 she will again represent Israel. You can buy her music here. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hedwig is Back!

Sex, drag and rock 'n' roll.  The anatomically-incorrect, glam-rock musical returns.  Plan-B's award-winning production gets a 10th anniversary re-boot in Park City Utah!

When They're Wrong, Do Things Change?

What happens when a renowned academic stakes out a position on an issue, and after decades realizes he was wrong?  

Whitman-Walker to hold free transgender legal clinics

Navigating transition can be a daunting task.  Especially as it relates to the legal labyrinth on the city, state and national levels.  There is name change on birth certificates, drivers licenses, and social security cards, among other things.  

According to Washington Blade, "Whitman-Walker Health announced on Thursday that it will begin holding free legal clinics for its transgender clients next month." They've done this in partnership with 
Trans Legal Advocates of Washington.

Expanding services like these are paramount for transgender people to get on solid ground and be able to live their lives in the normal course of citizenry.