Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Is Jenna Pushing Too Far?

In the highly visible case of Jenn Talackova --  the transsexual beauty contestant in the Canadian Miss Universe pageant that was first booted from the competition, and then after a public outcry has since been told she could compete --, should she be just focused on competing, as Donald Trump suggests, or take this opportunity to press for a change in the pageant rules -- rather than simply accepting a stand-alone acceptance for her case? 

The rules of the Miss Universe pageant are clearly worded; requiring a contestant to be a "naturally born female." Moreover, they're a private organization, receiving no federal funding of any kind, so don't they have the right to set the rules to their private enterprise contest?  At the same time, Jenna is legally acknowledged as a woman, and therein lies the dilemma the Pageant faces.

IS their rule discriminatory?   While the lines of gender variance are becoming more blurred everyday within society, do private competitions have an obligation to be fully-inclusive?  

Looking at Mr. Trump's knack for marketing brilliance, it is not a stretch to think that though he might be a bit miffed that Jenna has disrupted his pageant (he is the owner of both the Miss Universe and Miss America pageants), he is also savvy enough to see a publicity opportunity to increase the pageants viewership by staying the Pageant rules and allowing her to compete.

Is it just a marketing ploy? Mr. Trump told Katy Couric on the Today Show that he and the Pageant staff recognize a need to "open out" the pageant. When listening to him, he certainly gives the impression that the reversal to allow Jenna to compete was based on U.S. and Canadian law, and the Pageant itself may change its rules to be openly inclusive.

While there are rules in the U.S. and Canada as to what requirements have to be  met to be legally recognized as a women, Katy pointed out that some countries around the world may not have the same laws. Donald noted that that would be unfair to transsexual women from countries that did not recognize them, so the Pageant may "open up" the rules. 

Even Bill O'Reilly, who has not been known for his support of gender-variance in the past, seemed to be surprisingly lining up on Jenn'a side of the issue. What's your view?  Discuss it at in the forum.


  1. Is Jenna pushing too far?


    Next question.

    Private organisations do not have unfettered license to discriminate in all jurisdictions. For example in the USA, those firms employing 15 or more people are not permitted to advertise jobs saying "Blacks, Jews, and Irish need not apply". That would be actually illegal under the Civil Rights Act 1964.

    Those employing 14 or less could do this without contravening Federal Law, but would often contravene State, City or County law instead. Moreover, there is a common belief that such discrimination is illegal, even when it isn't, and a firm that actually tried this would likely cause civil disturbance.

  2. She needs to continue the struggle and continue to win. She is beautiful and intelligent.

  3. 16th April 2012
    Hi, folks!

    First... Thanks Goddess that Jenna said No to everybody and a firm Yes to Herself and she kept on going... Because she has made a difference in the end.

    Certain things go with territory, it goes with the choice!

    Every & each Pageant fo any sort in the world which are centred in Beauty, Admiration & Glamour and for Entertainment Purposes... They all are always extremely "Objectifying" (no exceptions at it at all) whether GLBT & Hetero oriented.


    Everything to do with GLBT Progress, Equal Rights & Equality for all, etc... They all are unavoidably merged with/connected with "Having To Being About Making Money" Too!!!
    Because it is quite obvious that there are always prices to pay for services, for incurred costs and expenses in furthering the dear Causes of the GLBT Community & in this case chiefly the Transgender Community whether it may be anent to "Inclusion, Better Hate Crimes Laws, etc, etc...
    Who's going to pay for the costs of Progress?

    The real fact has always been and still is -

    "We All" count very hard and Everything counts in The end!!!

    Just my opinion and I love Jenna Talackova's Miss Universe Breakthrough because it is another door which we've managed to open for all and I think it is meaningful and it counts!
    Even though I myself will never compete on any Pageant of any kind but I do surely enjoy them very much!

    Love and Light,
    Sky a.k.a. JDAeon - GLBT MTF Pagan Witch/Hps Shaman & Occultist