Friday, April 6, 2012

Balancing Law and Public Opinion

In the continuation in the escalating transgender battles being fought in court, does it help or hurt the cause in the mainstream? The transgender college community has been quite vocal and quick to bring every wrong to light: The Gay People's Chronicle reported on a student that recently sued Miami (of Ohio) because he was given a resident advisory assignment to a dorm with female students.

Certainly many of these cases bring public awareness to issues that they likely never knew anything about, and all [but the extremists on the right] have to feel a pull at their heart strings when they see things like the beating of the transgirl at McDonalds.

Even Bill O'Reilly -- yes Bill O'Reilly, very out of character sided with Jenna Talackova in the recent Miss Universe scandal.

 Is there a limit to the amount of transgender cases that the general public can absorb before they became immune to our struggles and unfair treatment?Will continued legal complaints for anything and everything unjust propel a momentum to get to equal rights sooner?  Or will it create a backlash of people in the mainstream saying "enough!"

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