Friday, April 6, 2012

Fighting Guilt

There are some transsexuals that know they are in the wrong body at a very young age, and many stand firm on that until parents give in and support their transition path. So by the time their hormones are starting to rage they are already into transition, and therefore never really experienced life in their birth gender.

For late-blooming transgender girls (and transsexuals) however, they were raised in their birth gender, hiding their inner gender, and therefore have a different set of experiences. In my case I grew into a very masculine, athletic guy.

I've been back and forth with transition. Lately I had begun it again, but this time around find myself wrestling with the guilt associated with so freely willing to give up what nature provided me with. I see people everyday that are handicapped, and it strikes me how lucky I have been, despite the gender disphoria I battle with.

 Does anyone else have thoughts like these?

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