Sunday, April 2, 2017

it Wasn't Activists, but Rather Sports That Rattled NC's Cage

We were all a bit stunned last year when North Carolina passd the infamous 'bathroom bill.'  The debate gripped the nation and spurred a national dialogue. The ideas spread across the country as 16 states had some variation of a bathroom bill of their own. Now that NC has repealed their bill, the fallout is just getting started.

The debate raged last year with the LGBT supporters on one side of the argument seking equal rights, and opposers on the other side claiming it would put their wives and daughters at risk of assault bymen dressing up as women to gain access to them via the ladies room. 

But what pushed North Carolina into a corner where they had to negotiate a compromise to repeal it? Aaccording to the Washington Post it was money; $3.67 billion by one account. And they say, 15 other states are now re-evaluating their own transgender bills. 

Companies like Paypal boycotted the state, but it was basketball that delivered the crippling power blows. The N.B.A. moved their All-Star Game to New Orleans in protest. The N.C.A.A. pulled championship games, and the Atlantic Coast Conference cancelled playoff games and tournaments. 

So after being unable to sustain the financial pressure, the state gave in and epealed the law. But who is happy with the compormise? It seems like no one.   

Tony Perkins, the head of the president of the Family Research Council denounced the repeal as surrendering to the power of sport. The conservatives are calling assailing lawmakers, while the ACLU, Human Rights Cmapaign, Lambada and other LGBT  activists are calling the repeal a 'fake' compromise, as it left in place the most damaging elements of the law.
There is no doubt that circumstances that brought about this bill are complicated. I get that those who don't know any transgender people (and/or no nothing about transgender people) would be leery over what they perceive as a man dressed as a women in the ladies room.

Of course transgender people know that the claims have no merit. That these transgender women could and may assault the other women in the ladies room is rediculous. Transgender women have been using the ladies room for dcades without incident. There hasn't even been any recorded incidents of men 'pretending' to be women who have assualted anyone.

Laverne Cox had appeared on MSNBC to talk about these and other issues, when President Trump rolled back the federal transgender protection rules (put in place by Obama). Here are the two segments: Segment 1, segment 2.

You can read some of the articles and opinions about the NC ruling here:
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