Thursday, August 18, 2016

There has been a national outcry of parents and legislators making a case for or against bathroom protections for transgender individuals; (10 more states sue U.S over Transgender Policy for Schools; July 8, 2016). University students are usually the more libral ideological thinkers out there, but not so at UCLA. here i a clue people, the transgender school law is protect kids, tweens, and teens.

The bathroom laws are about protecting trans kids and teens, not adults. Trans adults are not usually impacted, unless they're early into a late life transition. Most post-op transsexuals have mostly gone under the radar using the facilities of their choice for decades.

But a transgender school girl being subjected to young males st cruel. Those males -- who will historically tease and ridicule them, or worse --, put them at risk.

In all the years I've been out, I've never had an incident at a ladies room -- not in restaurants not clubs. In large department stores I'd ask if I could use the changing rooms; often they'd ask the women on line, and again I never had a problem.

Late one night at a club the ladies room line was long, so I veered into the men's room. It was there that I had a problem, as the guys were uncomfortable with a sissy boy in their midst. They shouted my unwholesomeness, though they had to suffer through my presence until I was good and ready to exit.

Back to the bathroom laws. The uninformed right would have us believe that predatory males will dress up for no other reason than to access and abuse young women in a toilet. This is absurd, and unfounded. There is no precedent that it has or will happen.

It's understandable that some have difficulty understanding a transgender individual, but they don't need to. People have been at odds on ideology for centuries: religious, cultural and/or social.

Let’s protect our kids, all of them -- -- even the ones we don’t understand, and get past the rhetoric.    

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  1. Bravo! I agree with dear Brianna!
    I might add the obvious fact is, Culture is always in demand, and chiefly where Mythology (World Big Rich & Intrusive Religions & most of Their Mainstream Rubbish/Bigotry) has replaced Common Sense & therefore folks, the people have forgotten How To Think!
    This is our Species! And this is the best that we can do so far.
    Time to evolve, time for evolution to come to all.
    Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon