Saturday, March 30, 2013

Misdemeanors And Other Absurdities

Arizona is trying to pass laws to prosecute transgender people's use of rest rooms, while a Mexican town bans mini-skirts for girls, and crossdressing. "Because, you know, gays."

Because no man in the history of the world has ever been able to control his rape-alicious sexual urges, a Mexican town has banned women from wearing slutty, slutty miniskirts. (the Frisky)
And they’ve also banned crossdressing. Because, you know, gays.
Women are banned from wearing miniskirts and men will be fined for crossdressing in the border town of Ciudad Acuna to preserve “morality” and “decency.” Says Javier Agudelo, the town’s security chief, these sartorial no-nos contribute to their wearers “commit[ing] several sorts of crimes.” Women, obviously, use miniskirts and “provocative” clothes to prostitute ourselves. Also to provoke fights. And also to lure kidnapping victims. 
And what about this from Indonesia, We know there have been a lot of rape cases and other immoral acts recently, and this is because women aren’t wearing appropriate clothes. Women wearing inappropriate clothes arouse men, so it needs to be stopped. You know what men are like — provocative clothing will make them do things.”  
WOW, have I time-warped back to 1950?  Well it's about time; STOP IT all your men-luring slutty girls and gay cross-dressing men, you're ruining the world for all the decent folk!
Last week, Arizona state Rep. John Kavanagh (R) failed to pass a bill that would have prosecuted transgender people with a class 1 misdemeanor for using public restrooms that don’t match their birth sex. 
But late Wednesday a panel of Arizona state lawmakers voted to advance a softer bill that protects business owners from discrimination lawsuits if they forbid a transgender person from using a restroom or fitting room.
Are we really back to rest rooms and fitting rooms? Yes, let's push all the transgender women into men's rooms,
No More Dress up for You!
that will go over well.  Good lord don't we have better things to do? ... like watch out for 
rogue priests molesting our children? No, that's all under control?  OK, whew, well then I guess lets go after the deviant slutty girls and  girl clothes wearing faggots out there and legislate them into appropriate morality ... according to the ... who? extreme right nut-jobs? 
I just reviewed HIT THE WALL, a play that takes us back to Stonewall 1969, and it smacks us in the face to recall how inflexible society had been before, when cross-dressers could be arrested just for being out in public; they could be arrested for being dressed in a club!.  
While we've come a long way, these recent news stories are just a reminder of how much further we have to go.  

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