Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Wrong Kind of Male

Gay friends have often asked me "Why do you want to be someone else?" To them I was clearly a guy, and any effort to dress or present myself as female was an effort to become someone else.

The trans community started a riot and the gay community attained equal rights from it, yet they have never understood, nor for that matter, in many cases, respected us either.

In an article in Huffington Post Joe Kort Ph.D  reflects on his own transphobia; also the shared experiences he as a gay man with transgender girls.

For too long the gay community has been ignorant and stubbornly rooted in their opinions of transpeople, much in the same way that noe conservatives have been about them.

Have we reached a tipping point where the mainstream is opening up their views about gays, while the gays are opening up their opinions about us?

One can only hope.

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