Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Brianna Austin Status Updates

I was back in NYC for a few months in June and July, and it was so good to meet up with friends and revisit some of my old haunts. I got to hang out with Crissy, was really thrilled to get the free time to join Fran on Fire Island to see a great show. And, after  long period of inaction, I'm re-engaged in getting all my content, websites and social media organized so that I can actively start posting again.  So here is what's new.

Fran with photos ops before the show doors opened
Fran and I had a great day despite a late afternoon rain. We did get a few hours of sun on the beach!

After the rain stopped we met some energetic friends from the Imperial Court waiting to enter the theater for their show.

I did post the link on TGlife.com below to an article of the show -- called Dragvanza

So when I got home, it was time to finally get my act together. Firstly, I've re-streamlined all my social media and now my primary Google profile will be this one: https://plus.google.com/+BriannaNicoleAustin -- with new Collection Galleries. The previous profile at https://plus.google.com/+BriannaAustin will remain active, but I won't be logged in there much.


After I shut down BriannaAustin.com earlier this year, I finally rebuilt a new site now located at
http://briannaaustin.info (although briannaaustin.com will take you there too.)  

This new site is also a hub of all my info, which means that if I post :

I'll be working to import what I post on my website and Tglife to display here as well. This way whatever platform you prefer, all the content will be readily available.

The writers on the site been more active of late, as have I.

We had a login problem for the past few months but have resolved that as of today.  And there is new content as well:

And I added a new photo gallery of gender-bender model Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose 

You can view other Trans Divas here  and I'll be updating this with several new galleries this coming week.

So, that's about all that's new in my trans world. Below I've listed all my new social and other links. Find me on whichever platform you frequent most.

And until next time, remember to be safe, be happy, and always think pretty!



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