Monday, November 4, 2013

Me, a model. Why not? she exclaimed.

I had met Fran over a decade ago in New York City during the days when I was out and quite active in the transgender nightlife scene.  The first time we met she actually scarred me a little, jumping out on the dance floor in front of me, shimmying not a foot in front of me, with  big smile across her face.  In those early days she was still wearing the often 'just out' crossdresser ensembles; 16 year old dresses and the like.  But in short time her bright internal light shown through and I told my friends, I really dig this chick: she's fearless, unaffected by the masses, and does her own thing: she reminded of ME!
Since that time Fran has gone full-time just about two years ago now. And she's been everywhere; on TV, radio, expos -- she is the one who beat me up into modeling a brides maid dress at the 2011 Same-sex Wedding Expo (see below) when she fulfilled a dream of wearing a wedding dress (she and I below).

Brianna & Fran at the Wedding Expo
Recently this past September she fulfilled another dream of hers; being a model in a photo shoot. She wrote about it in her column 'A Girl's Life' in my magazine TG Reporter.

Read about her first hand experience in her column A Girls Life

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