Sunday, November 17, 2013

Joining The Rebels

When was the last time you can remember that transgender people were included, or more importantly recognized for their involvement, for their contributions to change? Times be changin'

Certainly it wasn't during the Gay Rights Movement.  On a warm July 4th on Fire Island in the summer of
2002 Bianca Leigh said it best: "We all started a revolution and you guys got a rights movement, how did that happen?"

Well in part, that happened because we for so long were splintered, fragmented and un-unified as a group, and as I had written in the New York Blade -- back then -- "destined to remain the wayward stepchildren of the gay movement until we come together as a community."

I was recently turned on by a friend to a book entitled "Republic of Outsiders: The Power of Amateurs,
Dreamers and Rebels." In the description they clearly state that "Republic of Outsiders is about the growing number of Americans who disrupt the status quo: outsiders who seek to redefine a wide variety of fields, from film and mental health to diplomacy and music, from how we see gender to what we eat. They include professional and amateur filmmakers crowd-sourcing their work, transgender and autistic activists, and Occupy Wall Street’s “alternative bankers.” These people create and package new identities in a practice cultural critic Alissa Quart dubs “identity innovation”: they push the boundaries of who they can be and what they can do, even turning the forces of co-optation to their benefit."

The times are--a-changing boys and girls.  Some years ago I had a lot of straight guys that would come up to me to say that they admired my courage to be whom I decided to be. I often told them "being true -- even if it defies public opinion -- is easier than living a lie." 

Of course back then they would offer these accolades on the sly, when friends couldn't hear them say it. Maybe the day is fast upon us when people can say such things out loud for all to hear. 


  1. lovely article and these words couldn't be truer"being true -- even if it defies public opinion -- is easier than living a lie." And of course they would only be said in private the cowards. be true be You

  2. Sharing this on all my profiles!