Saturday, May 19, 2012

The First Italian/ American Crossdressing Musical Comedy! ??

After a long hard-fought push for equal rights and dignity, are we again ready for transgender as farce?  Writer, producer, director Frank LaLoggia of Lady in White (one of the most acclaimed and beloved independently produced American films) is presenting a 10-minute preview of MIRO/MIRANDA! his new musical comedy and perhaps  the most grandly produced  (and expensive) promo for a film yet to be made, according to Indie WIre.

“It's a whirlwind 10 minutes of samba, comedy and grand emotion all meant to convey the visual and emotional essence of what I intend to bring to the feature, the story of an Italian man who lives with his Italian mama but dreams of becoming a woman inspired by his idol Carmen Miranda...and does!”



  1. Dear Brianna,

    Rest assured that I have no intention of belittling or denigrating the seriousness of the subject matter regarding MIRO/MIRANDA! I am a gay man who profoundly believes in equality and the inherent rights of all. Don't be too quick to judge. The films that have best demonstrated their capacity to move audiences to "think" and perhaps alter their preconceived ideas as to delicate subject matters are those that seek to ENTERTAIN first and touch our hearts. You can discover more about MIRO/MIRANDA! by exploring the website and particularly listening to it's music: Sincerely, Frank LaLoggia

  2. Hi, I wasn't attacking the film -- obviously I haven't seen it. Please don't be offended by the post, and I will of course check the film out. I was just posing the question as to whether the community was ready for another comedy. I love film and tend to always be able to find value in anything; I've only turned of two films in my life. And yes, I agree, that comedy can enlighten people while their defenses are down, i.e. The Bird Cage, and others. All the best with the film. When it gets near the release date let me know and I'll run a feature on it in my mag: